My Story

I first started studying natural health in 1995 and have several diplomas in massage and aromatherapy from that time. For years, I taught aromatherapy and imported essential oils directly from France. I have also owned and run my own health food and natural remedies shop.

I’ve always been passionate about food and nutrition (see my food blog) – having coeliac disease since childhood, the ‘right’ food is literally life-saving for me. When I first discovered Kinesiology in 2013, I was fat, fed up and in my forties. I thought it was just my age - I had no energy for anything. However, Kinesiology showed what I needed to return to great health - I followed a Candida cleanse, took some much-needed nutritional supplements and tweaked my diet. I was amazed by the transformation - and now I'm passionate about helping others do the same.


For clients

I offer Systematic Kinesiology (incorporating Nutritional Therapy), Aromatherapy Massage and Healing from my home office in Weymouth, Dorset and at Dorchester Yoga & Therapy Centre, where I also teach health workshops and Foundation Courses in Systematic Kinesiology which are:

 Certificated by The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology
 Accredited by the Kinesiology Association