Remote Kinesiology – a testimonial

One of the benefits I got from the lockdown in 2020 was the necessity and time to develop a way of working with clients remotely (by video or phone link). I do this by tuning into the person (after the usual talking and paper assessment) and muscle-testing myself. Now I’m a big skeptic, so I really questioned and road-tested this thoroughly on some willing friends. But, after three years doing it, I can safely say it’s powerful and it really works.

My understanding is that, in the world of energy (and quantum science), distance and time don’t exist – so it doesn’t matter where in the world clients are – healing can be sent and received. Clients report all kinds of sensations, visions and thoughts as I work.

This lovely client kindly wrote this email to explain more. I’m copying and pasting it below. And then I’ll type up the contents of a card I’ve just received from her this week.

By email – 21 February 2023:

In September 2021 I had an operation for bowel cancer in which 30 cm of my large colon was removed.
After coming home from hospital I made some progress for about 5 months while my energy very slowly returned.
I needed to keep to a very bland diet – no wholegrain, virtually no fibre, ie. White bread, pasta and rice etc. hardly any green vegetables, and no fat or oil – but I still suffered from diarrhoea most of the time.
The following February  the hospital gave me a colonoscopy to see if things were still going OK. Although the results of the colonoscopy were good, it made the state of my digestive system even worse! Foods that I had been able to eat  after the operation upset things even more.
My life was based around home and I was afraid to walk more than a short distance away as I needed to be within easy reach of a toilet. I did not progress from this state for about eight weeks when, in desperation I contacted Jane Collison. I had heard that she was able to treat someone from a distance – and I would not have been able to travel to see a therapist.
My first appointment was in April 2022. Jane was kind, receptive to my condition, and sympathetic to my difficulties.
On my first zoom appointment Jane surveyed my condition from afar, (about 250 miles !) as she was able to do, to find out what was going on, and what my body needed to be restored to good health and strength again.
While I lay on my couch at home she treated me with  remedies she had to hand to get things moving and start the healing process. My tummy was gurgling in response to her distant therapeutics!
After my first treatment Jane gave me some key things to work on. She advised me on supplements my body needed to make up for the lack of nutrition over the past 7 months and gave me guidance on how to slowly improve my diet with the help of enzymes.
She also gave me some exercises which were invaluable – ie. the massage of certain points on the body which have helped tremendously.
Although I adhered to the exercises I did not follow all Jane’s advice on diet – having had increasing problems with food sensitivities over many years. I was afraid to implement all that she had recommended and so, understandably,  I did not make much progress. I learned that I needed to trust Jane, to heed and follow carefully her advice, and guidance on diet if I wanted to make progress.
This I did, and my health has subsequently improved. I am now able to eat more foods, though in small amounts and my health, strength and energy have grown. I need to continue to follow carefully the things which have helped me.
I have had two more treatments from Jane since, and I feel she has set me on a path to greater recovery. I realise it will probably be slow as my body adapts to coping with its limited length of  colon to absorb water and nutrients, and my whole digestive system, though improved, still needs time and patience.
About six weeks ago my family all suffered with the  Covid virus. This set me back quite a lot but , by careful management and with plenty of rest I have made a full recovery, and  continue the slow work of inching forward once again.
I am very grateful to Jane for all her kindness and patience,  as well as the appropriate supplements and remedial treatments.
By card – 29 March 2023:
I’ve been working on improving my diet, and I have made good progress with your help and advice. The things which have helped me most of all are the lymph massage, especially the large intestine which I am still doing – hoping it will increase my ability to tolerate and digest more natural fibre. I can have 2 slices of wholemeal bread a day and a small amount of greens, buckwheat, brown rice, etc but I cannot cope with beans or peas yet.
Also the enzymes have been super! I have been taking these before my lunch and my evening meal. They have enabled me to increase the level of oil in my diet, as well as having 1 to 2 capsules of Omega 3 every day, which is a huge improvement!
My tummy is much more stable now – a great relief – no more diarrhoea – which has given me confidence to travel a bit further from home.

Histamine issues – a case study

Photo credit: Pixabay

In four sessions, this young man has gone from once or twice weekly bouts of life-limiting symptoms to … none. He had seen everyone – his GP, homeopath, acupuncturist, massage therapist and nutritionist. He had blood tests, gastroscopy and stool analysis. All came back normal.

His weekly symptoms were:

  • loss of energy – “a slump” which meant he had to lie down for the rest of the day
  • a leg tick
  • frontal headache
  • his gut “became a hostile environment” – it would churn and only vomiting made it feel better

He had a one-off history of fainting and rashes too. He knew stress made it worse (doesn’t it always?). His confidence, work life and private life were impacted. He never knew when this was going to happen – he had tried everything to correlate it to something he was eating or doing but there was no pattern.

I suspected Histamine was playing a part and sure enough that’s what my muscle testing showed. Histamine is a very important messenger in our bodies. It creates a signal to the body to bring swelling (fluid), ie, healing, to a problem – particularly invaders and allergic threats. But it’s also a neuro-transmitter – it plays a part in our central nervous system (hence the fainting, leg tick, headaches). When it’s done its job and it’s no longer needed, it degrades – mostly in the gut. We might have a lack of the enzyme needed to degrade it – or we might have gut issues which prevent its degradation. When there’s too much histamine around, that’s when we get symptoms. And the symptoms are wide-ranging and very often don’t have a pattern – it’s like a cup overflowing – it can happen at any time.

The solution is to test for and address:

  • leaky gut and gut imbalance – treat and check for any underlying food intolerances
  • co-factor nutrients that support degradation (usually B vits, zinc, copper, vitamin C or other specialist antioxidants)
  • eat a low histamine diet
  • Histamine Block or another ’emergency’ supplement for when high histamine foods can’t be avoided – or when symptoms begin to show

Within two months (after 3 sessions) this client was able to begin to relax and lead a normal life. When we last met (four months later), he was still episode-free.

Addressing toxicity with Kinesiology

The world we live in is more toxic than any species has ever been exposed to before. From electro-magnetic radiation at levels never previously known … to brand new chemicals used in home furnishings and even in food production. Our bodies’ cells are constantly detoxifying us as best as they possibly can, but sometimes they can’t cope and symptoms occur, such as:

  • muscle and joint pains
  • frequent urination
  • headaches
  • sweating
  • skin issues
  • fatigue
  • tremors
  • nausea

I’ve just started working with a client who has recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She also has swollen joints on her hands and feet. My testing showed a toxicity issue and the element Thallium was relevant. It was a new one for me and so I had to research sources of it. I was surprised to see that eating green vegetables is a risk! Meanwhile the client did her own research and emailed me to say that she had found out that tattoo ink contains thallium and she has a large one which is about 20 years old. It may well be the source according to this article. It’s also found in emissions from coal plants and factories, as well as fracking.

Toxicity can play a major role in neurological conditions such as MS. I’ve suggested the client undertakes an increased detox period of four weeks using N-acetyl Cysteine and other natural support. At the same time as following an anti-inflammatory diet. I’ll let you know how she gets on. She’s already reported: “So far I have cut out gluten, grains and oat milk and just had some rice and sweet potatoes, fish, fruit and also added meat and eggs back into my diet.  The scales say I have lost 2lb since Wednesday (5 days previously) and my indigestion seems better so that is good. Actually I have been sleeping a little better too.”

Amenhorrea (lack of menstruation)

A woman’s periods can stop for lots of reasons. It’s a sign that something is wrong – possibly quite badly wrong. After ruling some conditions out with explorations and tests, doctors generally prescribe synthetic hormones (contraceptive pill or coil) as a solution. In my opinion, these might not address what is underlying the problem. It could be that there has been emotional trauma or that there is a chemical imbalance … or a combination of both.
UPDATE: January 2022 – this client is now 4 months pregnant with her first child! 
This young woman came to me because of muscular pain in her hips/upper legs … the muscles ‘talked’ of a hormone imbalance (muscles talk in kinesiology!). She is on her way to getting her periods back regularly now and I asked her to write her story in her own words. Here it is.
Story re getting my period back – My Journey with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea
I have an eating disorder and have done for nearly 15 years. I’ve always been able to control it and lived a very full life surrounded by good food and eating – however like so many others with eating disorders due to Covid it became one of my main focuses and things got worse.
In the beginning of 2020, I was so conscious of what I was eating (or not eating) that I began to lose sight of the losing weight element and more towards the control of it, the routine, the repetition. My eating disorder wasn’t always about being thin, that was the outcome and one of the main pillars, but it was more about a routine and a sense of control.
In April 2020 I had my period as normal not knowing that was going to be my last period for over a year. I continued to lose more weight this coupled with Covid regulations and Lockdown meant I was undereating, over exercising and stressed.
During this time I sought help and saw two of the best women’s health gynaecology doctors in London. I had MRI’s, blood tests, internal and external scans, acupuncture and still not one answer as to why I wasn’t having a period. There was even mention of menopause! Which to my 26-year-old ears was a horror story!
I had an appointment with Jane – obviously online as that was the way of the world at the time in June. I’d always been sceptical of Kinesiology and supplements as I believed that I could get nutrients through food, which in my case as I was eating so little was not possible. Jane was so kind, gave such time and made me feel like I was her only patient. I had tried everything else and had needles and prongs prodded everywhere so I thought giving Jane’s recommendations, supplements, mindset and path a try couldn’t hurt.
I was still being monitored by the gynaecologist Dr and I was being advised to start taking the pill to trick my body into thinking I was ovulating and having a period still. This to me was everything I disliked about medicine and the only solution to a problem is not to solve the problem but to cover it. Jane had the same thoughts and I went against the recommendation to go on the pill and continued on Jane’s plan.
Finally after months the Dr’s diagnosis was Hypothalamic Amenorrhea.. (which I had already self diagnosed from numerous podcasts and forums). Instead of writing a prescription the Dr prescribed “eat loads, eat every burger and chips you’ve missed out on”.
Jane guided me through the next few months and made me feel safe, just dropping her a message would ease me mind. She guided me on a path of medical healing while gently and nonverbally addressing the phycological issues linked with eating disorders and healing both the body and mind.
I’m not sure who needs to read/hear this but anyone going through anything similar or dealing with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) or any eating/hormonal issues I hope that together the more people that talk about HA the more it becomes noticed and healthy body fat on a woman celebrated, as it’s essential for the body to be able to reproduce.
I’m waving the white flag and am giving in to food and the restraints. I’m still enjoying my favourite forms of exercise and eating intuitively whether this is a bowl of ice cream or a green juice or both.

Case study: emotional trauma

We’re in the middle of the second national ‘lockdown’. Life has not been normal for 8 months now. Fear is all around us. This is having a profound effect on all of us – and this has been very much reflected in my client work this week. I’ve been doing a lot of emotional support work. Here’s just one example of a client session this week:

Client T has been seeing me remotely (via video link) for six months – this was her 6th session. We began working together on her gut health – digestive symptoms. Since then, we’ve touched on self-esteem, sleep, work and family stresses and various nutritional supports. T began this session by saying her digestion had been a bit off again and that she wanted a general check up. As we talked, she revealed an emotional issue with food which went back to her teens. She said that the Covid situation had ‘hit’ her. She isn’t fearful for herself or her family but feels out of control. And the way she has always gained control is by controlling her food intake and/or going to the gym (which is currently shut). I could use a label – anorexia, an eating disorder, body dysmorphia, etc – but the fact is every client I’ve met with food issues is totally unique and individual. It’s usually about having control when they feel out of control … and there’s usually emotional trauma – usually someone else has been in or taken control. I believe the way I can help is to help them see where, when, how and why they developed this control mechanism. And then support them with whatever tools show as helpful.

T said she was ready to work on this for the first time in her life. She’s 30. She said she’s “sick of it controlling me, not me it”. She wants change. She gets physical digestive symptoms which feel like she’s not able to digest. She feels fat, frumpy, lethargic, achey and gets constipated – which makes her feel really upset. She constantly questions what she’s eating and never eats the same as her husband and kids, even though all their meals are home-cooked and nutritious. She makes herself something separate – which is lower in calories.

I asked her how she wanted to feel. She said “relaxed and happy” while eating. She wants to be able to cook and bake with her children and then sit down to eat the meal with them. She said it’s all about not putting on weight and that she couldn’t look at herself in the mirror if she ate the family food. I asked what she sees and how she feels when she looks in the mirror. She said she doesn’t look – especially without clothes – it makes her feel uncomfortable, nauseous. She said she wants to chop bits off – so “they all fit”.

I asked when she first became aware of these feelings. She thought it was at the start of secondary school. She was much taller than everyone else in school at that age – she had developed faster. Then she remembered being in a play aged a bit younger – around 10 or 11. In the photos, she said she looked twice the size of the other children. Also, T has an older sister who she looked up to very much. She was very slim and a very picky eater. She wouldn’t eat family meals. So already we could see some of the possible explanations.

We had done a lot of talking and it seemed we had got as far as we could with T’s conscious mind – her memories had dried up. So I started my remote kinesiology work. I do this by tuning into the client’s energy and muscle-testing myself. Unsurprisingly, emotions showed as the emergency. I’d recently discovered The Emotion Code work by Bradley Nelson. I’ve been combining it with a list of words created by Sue Morgan (Baseline Energy Responses). BERs relate to energy disturbances registered in the body which are created the first time something happens and which have created an unconscious pattern of reaction which is repeated whenever we have a similar experience. They’re ideal for trauma release work.

The BER word which tested up was “safe”. I went back in age from T’s current age and age 7 tested as relevant. Because of what she had told me about being bigger than her classmates, I tested if ‘school’ was relevant and it was. I then looked for what support was needed and it was the Australian Bush Flower Essence Waratah. This is the emergency essence – for ‘the dark night of the soul’ situations. None of this made sense to me. I tested whether it was okay to tell T what had come up and it was. She immediately put it all together. She loved her school and her teacher when she was 7. It was her safe place. Because home wasn’t safe. Her dad was an alcoholic and at that time was drinking a litre of whisky a day. T said that she answered him back, unlike her mum and sister. This provoked him and the lowest point was when he held her to a wall by her neck. He almost throttled her. She went to school to feel safe. I took some of the essence and we both held ’emotional stress release’ points. I felt waves of emotion going through me. T sighed, cried and yawned for some time. When she settled, I carried on my testing.

I tested T saying “I am safe” and got a weak response. I tested for support and a Rainbow Essence – Healing was wanted – it was perfect, as T is also a therapist. The relevant meridian was Stomach. I took some of the essence and T and I held our lower heart area while she repeated “I am safe” over and over again. I suggested she see herself as that 7 year old. I prompted her to hold the 7 year old (she told me afterwards that she had already been doing that – and that she had seen herself age 11 too) and to tell her that she’s safe and that everything turned out so well. To show her that she’s now 30, got her own family and really fulfilling work which she loves. That she has an adoring husband and a close relationship with her parents. She is safe.

When T settled, we finished by tapping the beginning of the Stomach meridian and repeating “I am safe”. I tested if anything else was needed – it wasn’t. The Healing essence needed to be taken so I posted T a dosage bottle. I suggested she do the tapping and say the affirmation regularly.

What I learned during lockdown

As I prepare to re-open my clinic room for in-person appointments, I’m going to indulge in a little reflection and sharing of my thoughts on these past four months and what I have learned from them. It’s been a unique (hopefully!) opportunity to pause and change how we live. What have you learned? Here are my thoughts …

  • I need to really move my body to feel healthy. I think a lot of us blood type O people are the same. We have sluggish lymph and a tendency to live on our adrenals. When we weren’t allowed to leave our homes, I used a rebounder in my garden every day. At first it was tough going and my legs and bum ached like mad – I could only manage a few minutes. After two weeks I got a lot stronger and now I can do 10-15 minutes vigorous running and bouncing. I feel so much better for shifting my circulation and really filling my lungs with air. I’ve also loved being able to continue to do my usual yoga class (actually increasing to twice a week) and re-starting ballet classes via video.
  • I’m not as extrovert as I thought. I’ve become quite happily self-contained (with hubby) – which surprises me as I love teaching and being with people. Although I have really appreciated having more time to connect with family, friends and colleagues around the world via phone and video.
  • We are energy and we are energetically connected. I’m not clear on how to label or define this more. All I know is that my video client sessions and the healing circle I led every Friday at 4 have felt very powerful indeed. I’ve developed ‘remote’ working skills which frankly blow my mind and involve being able to connect with people energetically.
  • I was more stressed/adrenal than I realised. I’m going to work less/smarter and play more. Part of this is learning that I don’t need much money to buy what I really value.
  • What I really value. 1) Good food – I’ve been so grateful to Riverford for their weekly vegbox delivery and to Down to Earth, the Kiwi Butcher and the Brace of Butchers for being operational throughout.  2) Nature – getting out into the countryside and onto the sea is a real blessing for me – to be enjoyed as often as possible, ideally daily.
  • I can only help those who want/seek my help. This is (like the rest of me!) a work in progress, but it’s been reinforced as I’ve had to stand by while loved ones have health problems and make choices which I don’t think are in their best interests.

How about you? What did you learn during lockdown? I’d love to hear from you. Jane

New anti-infection measures

I’m really excited and pleased to be able to re-open for in-person appointments from 20 July 2020 (it’s been exactly 4 months!). Below are the details of my commitment to anti-infection measures for Kinesiology clients. I will:

  1. Re-schedule your appointment (potentially at short notice) if I have signs of a fever, cough or any change in taste/smell
  2. Wipe down (with diluted bleach) all surfaces touched by clients (bathroom, door handles, chair, couch …) before and after each appointment
  3. Ask you to remove your shoes (and coat) at the door
  4. Ask you to go straight to the bathroom to wash your hands thoroughly on arrival. I will supply paper towels for drying.
  5. Sit more than 2m away from you during your consultation
  6. Keep the window open (weather permitting)
  7. Wear a face shield or mask when working hands-on near your face
  8. Wash my hands thoroughly before starting hands-on work
  9. For massage clients, I will wash all towels and couch covers at 60 degrees. (I have always used a full clean set per client.)

And here are the details of what I will ask of you:

  1. Re-schedule your appointment (we could do Kinesiology and Healing remotely) if you have (or anyone in your household has) signs of a fever, a new cough or any change in taste/smell
  2. Bring with you only essential possessions. For example: food/drink/cosmetics etc for tolerance testing, water bottle (I cannot provide water for you), payment (bank transfer is even safer).
  3. Bring a pair of clean socks and put them on after removing your shoes at the door.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly on arrival
  5. Advise me as soon as possible if you develop symptoms within 7 days of your appointment.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all!  Jane

Plantar Fasciitis (“policeman’s heel”)

I recently bought a SUP (stand-up paddleboard) and on my first outing I was reminded that I used to have cripplingly painful plantar fasciitis. I had forgotten all about it. Staying upright on a SUP requires constant effort in the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the soles of the feet and so I was reminded of their existence again. I hadn’t thought about them for years but they used to be so sore that I had to hobble to the bathroom first thing in the morning. Sometimes I could only make it by crawling on my hands and knees!

I believe this debilitating condition was caused by (a) being overweight, (b) speed-walking – in an attempt to lose weight, and (c) widespread inflammation in my body. My hands and feet used to be puffy – all my joints were – and I now observe and feel this puffiness in clients. It’s a sign of toxicity and imbalance in the gut … something needs to be detoxed and diet changes are probably also needed. In my case, I was already gluten and (mostly) dairy free at the time so I thought I ate healthily, however, I had candida overgrowth (an imbalance in the gut bacteria or “microbiome”) and I ate too many carbs (carbohydrates – ie, grains). Thanks to a kinesiologist, I undertook a detox diet and learned about paleo style eating. I lost 3 stone in weight, my wedding ring and shoes became loose fitting and painful feet became a thing of the past.

If you have painful soles or any other joints that are sore and puffy, please contact me. I’m sure I can help you reduce the underlying imbalances which cause inflammation … which causes so many chronic conditions. You can turn the tide of your health … even at 50+ … it’s never too late!

Mould: a kinesiology case study

Image by Kayelle Allen from Pixabay

Black mould can cause breathing, sinus and other health issues. I had a classic kinesiology case of it recently. The client presented with sneezing a lot, itchy nose, etc and frequent colds. She reported that these symptoms disappeared (went from 9/10 to 0/10) when on holiday, so I immediately suspected her home environment (after checking for pets and work stress).

During the initial appointment, I muscle-tested for Histamine and found it was relevant – B6 and Vitamin C were the priority nutritional support. But I needed to find out what was going on at home so I asked the client to put open pots of dried beans (ideally aduki but in this case black eye) next to her bed and where she sits in the living room (ie, where we spend the most time). These dried beans literally absorb the environment and can then be muscle-tested.

At the next visit (3 weeks later), she reported that the sneezing had really reduced and brought along the jars of beans. I muscle-tested both and one of them weakened a strong muscle. Both Histamine and Mould tested as relevant to the weakness. I showed the client my findings and she said that it was the pot from next to her bed. She also said that there was water damage in one corner of her bedroom with black mould visible on the walls. I explained that such mould releases spores and toxic by-products which cause breathing and sinus issues, as well as lowering immunity generally. The client said that her husband had asthma which started since moving into the house. I advised getting any leaks fixed, removing all black mould (wear a mask during removal) and re-painting the walls with a mould or stain-blocking paint (move out of the room until the paint is fully dry – ie, for a few days or a week). You can use any cleaning product to remove mould but I recommend bicarbonate of soda – it’s cheap, natural and non-toxic.

I’m looking forward to hearing about her continued health improvements at her next visit.

UPDATE: this client has been totally FREE of all these symptoms since following the above advice. #lovewhatyoudo!