Remote Kinesiology – a testimonial

One of the benefits I got from the lockdown in 2020 was the necessity and time to develop a way of working with clients remotely (by video or phone link). I do this by tuning into the person (after the usual talking and paper assessment) and muscle-testing myself. Now I’m a big skeptic, so I really questioned and road-tested this thoroughly on some willing friends. But, after three years doing it, I can safely say it’s powerful and it really works.

My understanding is that, in the world of energy (and quantum science), distance and time don’t exist – so it doesn’t matter where in the world clients are – healing can be sent and received. Clients report all kinds of sensations, visions and thoughts as I work.

This lovely client kindly wrote this email to explain more. I’m copying and pasting it below. And then I’ll type up the contents of a card I’ve just received from her this week.

By email – 21 February 2023:

In September 2021 I had an operation for bowel cancer in which 30 cm of my large colon was removed.
After coming home from hospital I made some progress for about 5 months while my energy very slowly returned.
I needed to keep to a very bland diet – no wholegrain, virtually no fibre, ie. White bread, pasta and rice etc. hardly any green vegetables, and no fat or oil – but I still suffered from diarrhoea most of the time.
The following February  the hospital gave me a colonoscopy to see if things were still going OK. Although the results of the colonoscopy were good, it made the state of my digestive system even worse! Foods that I had been able to eat  after the operation upset things even more.
My life was based around home and I was afraid to walk more than a short distance away as I needed to be within easy reach of a toilet. I did not progress from this state for about eight weeks when, in desperation I contacted Jane Collison. I had heard that she was able to treat someone from a distance – and I would not have been able to travel to see a therapist.
My first appointment was in April 2022. Jane was kind, receptive to my condition, and sympathetic to my difficulties.
On my first zoom appointment Jane surveyed my condition from afar, (about 250 miles !) as she was able to do, to find out what was going on, and what my body needed to be restored to good health and strength again.
While I lay on my couch at home she treated me with  remedies she had to hand to get things moving and start the healing process. My tummy was gurgling in response to her distant therapeutics!
After my first treatment Jane gave me some key things to work on. She advised me on supplements my body needed to make up for the lack of nutrition over the past 7 months and gave me guidance on how to slowly improve my diet with the help of enzymes.
She also gave me some exercises which were invaluable – ie. the massage of certain points on the body which have helped tremendously.
Although I adhered to the exercises I did not follow all Jane’s advice on diet – having had increasing problems with food sensitivities over many years. I was afraid to implement all that she had recommended and so, understandably,  I did not make much progress. I learned that I needed to trust Jane, to heed and follow carefully her advice, and guidance on diet if I wanted to make progress.
This I did, and my health has subsequently improved. I am now able to eat more foods, though in small amounts and my health, strength and energy have grown. I need to continue to follow carefully the things which have helped me.
I have had two more treatments from Jane since, and I feel she has set me on a path to greater recovery. I realise it will probably be slow as my body adapts to coping with its limited length of  colon to absorb water and nutrients, and my whole digestive system, though improved, still needs time and patience.
About six weeks ago my family all suffered with the  Covid virus. This set me back quite a lot but , by careful management and with plenty of rest I have made a full recovery, and  continue the slow work of inching forward once again.
I am very grateful to Jane for all her kindness and patience,  as well as the appropriate supplements and remedial treatments.
By card – 29 March 2023:
I’ve been working on improving my diet, and I have made good progress with your help and advice. The things which have helped me most of all are the lymph massage, especially the large intestine which I am still doing – hoping it will increase my ability to tolerate and digest more natural fibre. I can have 2 slices of wholemeal bread a day and a small amount of greens, buckwheat, brown rice, etc but I cannot cope with beans or peas yet.
Also the enzymes have been super! I have been taking these before my lunch and my evening meal. They have enabled me to increase the level of oil in my diet, as well as having 1 to 2 capsules of Omega 3 every day, which is a huge improvement!
My tummy is much more stable now – a great relief – no more diarrhoea – which has given me confidence to travel a bit further from home.