Hands-on channelled healing.

I am attuned to Rahanni Celestial Healing - a one-hour healing session is a deeply relaxing way of receiving beautiful natural healing energy. It involves you lying fully-dressed on my comfortable padded couch while I move around you offering channelled healing to all parts of your body, mind and soul for approximately 45 minutes. I usually add soothing music and essential oils for the ultimate healing experience.

Cost: £35 per hour

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SA – Healing

“I’ve just had Rahanni healing with Jane. I feel so at ease and relaxed, really flowing in my being. I feel like I’ve been softly held and nurtured. Thank you.”

RS – Healing

“There was definitely a connection made between Jane and me. I could feel heat without any hands on me, and it radiated through my body, not just where Jane’s hands hovered over me. Jane was spot-on when she identified a problem with my left knee, which she then worked on. I was aware of some minor discomfort in the knee when walking back to my car, also some twinges around my rib-cage, which all quickly dissipated and have not returned. I was left feeling very relaxed after the session, and then felt very tired for the rest of the day. I couldn’t wait to get to bed that night, and slept better than I had for a while. I was not looking for any specific ‘results’, and one session would probably not be enough to have measured anything meaningful, but I shall be returning for more as I am sure there is much to be gained.”