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Gentle, non-invasive (fully dressed) but powerful techniques using muscle-response testing to find out what you need to return to health.

Systematic Kinesiology addresses all aspects of health: Structure (joints, muscles, bones), Bio-Chemistry (food allergies, nutritional lack), Electrical (energy imbalances or blockages) and Emotions.

Jane is a full Professional member and Accredited Tutor of the Association of Systematic Kinesiology and an Accredited Tutor of The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology.

First appointments cost £75 – this includes a pre-appointment assessment, 1.5 hours with me, your own individual flower essence (when required), an emailed report and my ongoing support via phone or email.

Follow-up appointments cost £50 – this includes 1 hour with me, flower essences when required, an emailed report and my ongoing support via phone or email.

For nutritional therapy, Jane recommends high quality supplements - mainly from Metabolics and Cytoplan.

For emotional support, Jane uses flower essences by Healing Herbs, Australian Bushflower essences, Alaskan essences and Phytobiophysics.

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