Amenhorrea (lack of menstruation)

A woman’s periods can stop for lots of reasons. It’s a sign that something is wrong – possibly quite badly wrong. After ruling some conditions out with explorations and tests, doctors generally prescribe synthetic hormones (contraceptive pill or coil) as a solution. In my opinion, these might not address what is underlying the problem. It could be that there has been emotional trauma or that there is a chemical imbalance … or a combination of both.
UPDATE: January 2022 – this client is now 4 months pregnant with her first child! 
This young woman came to me because of muscular pain in her hips/upper legs … the muscles ‘talked’ of a hormone imbalance (muscles talk in kinesiology!). She is on her way to getting her periods back regularly now and I asked her to write her story in her own words. Here it is.
Story re getting my period back – My Journey with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea
I have an eating disorder and have done for nearly 15 years. I’ve always been able to control it and lived a very full life surrounded by good food and eating – however like so many others with eating disorders due to Covid it became one of my main focuses and things got worse.
In the beginning of 2020, I was so conscious of what I was eating (or not eating) that I began to lose sight of the losing weight element and more towards the control of it, the routine, the repetition. My eating disorder wasn’t always about being thin, that was the outcome and one of the main pillars, but it was more about a routine and a sense of control.
In April 2020 I had my period as normal not knowing that was going to be my last period for over a year. I continued to lose more weight this coupled with Covid regulations and Lockdown meant I was undereating, over exercising and stressed.
During this time I sought help and saw two of the best women’s health gynaecology doctors in London. I had MRI’s, blood tests, internal and external scans, acupuncture and still not one answer as to why I wasn’t having a period. There was even mention of menopause! Which to my 26-year-old ears was a horror story!
I had an appointment with Jane – obviously online as that was the way of the world at the time in June. I’d always been sceptical of Kinesiology and supplements as I believed that I could get nutrients through food, which in my case as I was eating so little was not possible. Jane was so kind, gave such time and made me feel like I was her only patient. I had tried everything else and had needles and prongs prodded everywhere so I thought giving Jane’s recommendations, supplements, mindset and path a try couldn’t hurt.
I was still being monitored by the gynaecologist Dr and I was being advised to start taking the pill to trick my body into thinking I was ovulating and having a period still. This to me was everything I disliked about medicine and the only solution to a problem is not to solve the problem but to cover it. Jane had the same thoughts and I went against the recommendation to go on the pill and continued on Jane’s plan.
Finally after months the Dr’s diagnosis was Hypothalamic Amenorrhea.. (which I had already self diagnosed from numerous podcasts and forums). Instead of writing a prescription the Dr prescribed “eat loads, eat every burger and chips you’ve missed out on”.
Jane guided me through the next few months and made me feel safe, just dropping her a message would ease me mind. She guided me on a path of medical healing while gently and nonverbally addressing the phycological issues linked with eating disorders and healing both the body and mind.
I’m not sure who needs to read/hear this but anyone going through anything similar or dealing with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) or any eating/hormonal issues I hope that together the more people that talk about HA the more it becomes noticed and healthy body fat on a woman celebrated, as it’s essential for the body to be able to reproduce.
I’m waving the white flag and am giving in to food and the restraints. I’m still enjoying my favourite forms of exercise and eating intuitively whether this is a bowl of ice cream or a green juice or both.