What I learned during lockdown

As I prepare to re-open my clinic room for in-person appointments, I’m going to indulge in a little reflection and sharing of my thoughts on these past four months and what I have learned from them. It’s been a unique (hopefully!) opportunity to pause and change how we live. What have you learned? Here are my thoughts …

  • I need to really move my body to feel healthy. I think a lot of us blood type O people are the same. We have sluggish lymph and a tendency to live on our adrenals. When we weren’t allowed to leave our homes, I used a rebounder in my garden every day. At first it was tough going and my legs and bum ached like mad – I could only manage a few minutes. After two weeks I got a lot stronger and now I can do 10-15 minutes vigorous running and bouncing. I feel so much better for shifting my circulation and really filling my lungs with air. I’ve also loved being able to continue to do my usual yoga class (actually increasing to twice a week) and re-starting ballet classes via video.
  • I’m not as extrovert as I thought. I’ve become quite happily self-contained (with hubby) – which surprises me as I love teaching and being with people. Although I have really appreciated having more time to connect with family, friends and colleagues around the world via phone and video.
  • We are energy and we are energetically connected. I’m not clear on how to label or define this more. All I know is that my video client sessions and the healing circle I led every Friday at 4 have felt very powerful indeed. I’ve developed ‘remote’ working skills which frankly blow my mind and involve being able to connect with people energetically.
  • I was more stressed/adrenal than I realised. I’m going to work less/smarter and play more. Part of this is learning that I don’t need much money to buy what I really value.
  • What I really value. 1) Good food – I’ve been so grateful to Riverford for their weekly vegbox delivery and to Down to Earth, the Kiwi Butcher and the Brace of Butchers for being operational throughout.  2) Nature – getting out into the countryside and onto the sea is a real blessing for me – to be enjoyed as often as possible, ideally daily.
  • I can only help those who want/seek my help. This is (like the rest of me!) a work in progress, but it’s been reinforced as I’ve had to stand by while loved ones have health problems and make choices which I don’t think are in their best interests.

How about you? What did you learn during lockdown? I’d love to hear from you. Jane