L – Kinesiology

“Thank you so much Jane. I’m full of energy again. Your treatments are fantastic…”

B – Kinesiology

“Jane has been great at helping me discover why I was often bloated and had an uncomfortable and painful stomach. After our first session she advised I eliminate wheat and lactose from my diet, as well as doing a detox. At the beginning I was a little uncertain, but with her support and encouragement I decided to go for it. Before starting I ensured I had plenty of good, healthy foods in, didn’t buy any more bread (really hard to do!) and instead made up a batch of linseed crackers & flat breads. I also used Oxygen powder to help clear my gut of any nasties. After 2 weeks I felt so much better, no more bloating or wind, I have more energy and have lost a little weight. Jane has been very supportive throughout and is always quick to answer any questions and give advice”

C – Kinesiology

“Since I first saw you I have been gradually feeling better and better in myself. Had a few ups and downs but I think my gut is a lot healthier now. I have loads more energy … My acid reflux is almost non existent now which is brilliant after having it for about 10 years, even if I eat a few things that used to set it off. My hair has stopped falling out and is in better condition and my bowels are quite regular. I have also noticed my weight is more stable which is good as it used to vary (by) about a stone.”

G – Kinesiology

“Your work on my back was magical (!) Thank you so much for all of your help, you’ve done more than I thought possible. You’ll be pleased to know that I purchased a water bottle the same day as our session and I’ve been hugging it ever since!!”

N – Kinesiology

I just wanted to thank you again for today, it was so helpful and I feel much clearer and confident to move on. I often pass your name onto people and explain it’s more than food testing – I tell them it’s fascinating, you must try it! I love Kinesiology as it’s something I respond to very well and have had some life changing results regarding physical and emotional wellbeing. Thank you Jane – you’re a star!

J – Kinesiology (Nov 2019)

Thank you for yesterday. I ached quite a bit last night and my tum was really uncomfortable but it eased off a lot and then I had the best nights sleep I have had for a long time, so whatever you did certainly improved things, and you did everything so gently, thank you.

Kinesiology (3)

“You have such a talent … thank you for sharing it!”

Kinesiology (2)

“Whatever Kinesiology is, I feel such a positive response visiting you and I thank you for it. I also particularly like being able to contact you in between sessions.”


“Thank you so much for my session with you today. Although a little emotional, I know it’s what I want to do to release old habits and to perceive the good things in life.”