D – Kinesiology

“I went to see Jane because I had a persistent itchy red rash on my face, neck and leg. I wondered whether it was connected to something I was eating. I’d been experimenting with my diet but couldn’t pin it down. At the fist appointment, I realised I had quite a few other symptoms – some of which I’d got used to because I’d had them for so long! These were: constipation, IBS (bloating, cramps), mood changes, brain fog, a red, sore and inflamed big toe. Jane detected a possible gut imbalance and I took some natural remedies – as muscle-tested by Jane. She also suggested I have a course of colonic hydrotherapy at a nearby centre (they weren’t nearly as scary as I thought they’d be!). Jane also detected intolerances to gliadin (gluten), some dairy products and some vegetables in the nightshade family. Four months later, I can really see how bad my health was – I now have no bloating and no cramps whatsoever. My bowels move regularly – even on holiday this summer (unheard of). What I really notice is that I have mental clarity – I’m making decisions and getting on with new projects, including starting a course I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I think my family would agree that I’m a lot less snappy too!”